Healthcom_tablet_screenshot3The Alere HealthPAL® is a small portable device that uses wireless (Bluetooth) or wired connectivity and M2M cellular technology to collect and transmit health readings from compatible retail medical monitors to a user’s electronic health record (EHR).

Alere HealthPAL® is currently FDA-cleared for use with glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, weight scales and pulse oximeters.

The data can be accessed for remote monitoring by professional caregivers using enterprise EHRs, or by the end-user or authorized family members through the patient’s personal health record.

Alere HealthPAL® is a dedicated device for transmitting health data only. Its core function of transmitting biometric data is automated and eliminates the need for a smart phone or computer to transmit and upload health readings. This promotes higher adoptability and compliance for the patient, and removes the opportunity for the misuse or “abuse” of data plans and equipment that is commonly associated with cell phone and computer health monitoring options.